TaoTao POWER-MAX 150cc Scooter Exclusive and Interesting Details for First Time Riders

If you need a scooter that rides comfortably faster, then don’t overlook the choice of the TaoTao Powermax 150 scooter. It has some real torque power to help you move faster, the feature which is difficult to find in any other street legal scooter model.

Whether it is your commute to work, college, or desire for fun on the highway, having a TaoTao PM 150cc scooter gives you the experience of a cost-effective and convenient drive around. They come fitted with fully automatic transmission, blinkers, headlights and tail lights – and will run at the highest speed of 55+ mph.

Exclusive and Interesting Details Regarding TaoTao POWER-MAX 150cc Scooter.

1. Easy and Quick Start

The main advantage of riding a TaoTao Power-Max 150cc scooter is you can feel the joy of freedom without any speed or power problem. It is very easy to start with. By inserting the key, turning it to start mode, holding one break and then pressing the start button, you can quickly turn on the 150cc scooter. It starts in a timely manner. On a few occasions you have to provide it with a little gas, but thereafter it takes up.

2. No Gear Shifting – You can pull back the throttle on the right side of the handlebar to accelerate the speed of the scooter. There is no tension of gear shifting so that you can accelerate and brake easily. It ensures you the ease and fun of driving the Taotao Power-Max 150 scooter all the time.

When it comes to turn the scooter off just rotate the key back to the off position. No need to put the 150 scooter in neutral as turning off the start button will automatically make the power down. Thus, it is simple to start and stop the vehicle.

3. Impressive Gas Mileage – Another exclusive feature of the Taotao PM 150cc scooter is its impressive gas mileage. The rider can experience an average mileage around 70 miles per gallon, which will be a mixture of city and highway miles. With a gas tank capacity of 1.2 gallons, the scooter can be driven about 80 miles, reducing the fuel cost a lot.

The gas tank is conveniently placed under the seat. The seat keeps locked for greater security. The small gas tank opening enables the gas to pump even without spraying it on the trunk or the rider’s body. But it requires a little bit of practice to achieve perfection.

4. Safe to Travel Features – There are not just multiple storage compartments on this 150cc scooter with lock facilities but also almost all the features; including turn signals, 2 headlights and rear view mirrors and a bright brake light to keep you safe while traveling on the road.

5. High Speed Limit – The main thing you may be interested in is how fast this 150cc scooter can go. Top speed capacity differs based on a number of factors but the scooter can run at a maximum speed of 58 mph. with a speed limit of around 45 mph, you will be able to continue with traffic on the road.

In short, the Taotao PM 150cc scooter is a street legal vehicle that is low-priced, saves you money on insurance and gas when you ride on it, and allows you to travel to and from work with little issues. You can purchase this and many more 150cc scooter models from Taotao on Tao ATV. It has the best collection of TaoTao gas and electric 150cc scooters for sale. These scooters are great in quality and performance still low in price. To enjoy traveling pleasantly on the road as well as down the street for a fraction of the price of the branded scooters, place an order for the TaoTao 150cc scooter with Tao ATV!


Your Experience with Cheap Dirt Bikes for Sale

Sometimes the small things you learn in life decide success or let down, and experience that you have with a cheap go kart or cheap dirt bike precisely tells the same.

No matter you are an adult, a teen or a kid, you get tempted to have an off-road cheap dirt bike for sale. Nothing so expensive or huge, just something to travel around the countryside property you own or race on a track which you visit everyday. It would save you a thousand dollars while having a decent looking and reliable Chinese brand dirt bike. Some of you don’t even know that you could have a brand new discounted cheap go kart or cheap dirt bike for sale from China at much less price than that of the top brands in the world. The bike will always arrive in a perfectly packaged form without shipping surcharges especially if you buy them from authentic dealers.

Since the cheap dirt bikes for sale come fully assembled, they are ready to go. They undergo strict performance testing, causing you no or little risk of any parts broken or missing. The serious jumps, turns and spins you try on these cheap dirt bikes for sale are not going to steal your thrill of riding, making breakdowns minimal. It is likely that you will have complete delight even if you decide to go for something like cheap go kart or cheap dirt bike from China manufacturers.

It may sound crazy to you, but the above facts are not baseless either. It’s not that you will see the parts fall down after the dirt bike vibrates much. In fact, it will run smoothly after starting immediately with the first kick. Be sure those cheap dirt bikes for sale may require minor repair at times but not always.  It is not a matter of major concern, as the repair will be part of your cheap go karts or cheap dirt bike ride. You may have to spend a few dollars on welding, wrenching etc.

Cheap Dirt Bikes For Sale

The issues you may face with cheap dirt bikes for sale will turn out to be something very small but not important. The nuts and bolts might loosen, requiring to be handled with a wrench to facilitate friction properly. And other features of these Chinese dirt bikes might be just perfect, reducing your riding insecurity or inefficiency.

Cheap Go Karts

All these details you must know as they can affect your riding experience, too. In case of cheap go karts or cheap dirt bikes, the success and failure can be differentiated with attention on every small detail or doing a little fittings or tweaks there. Do you have ever bothered to listen to the experience of satisfied customers? Do you feel strongly about purchasing cheap go karts or cheap dirt bikes for sale? Have you already taken a look at the collection of cheap dirt bikes for sale on Tao ATV – a licensed powersports dealer in the USA? All of its go karts, dirt bikes and motor scooters are best in quality, coming with free shipping service. For optimal riding experience full of ease, comfort and fun, shop for cheap go karts and dirt bikes for sale on Tao ATV. Place your order now at sales@taoatv.com!

Kids Dirt Bikes and Mini ATVs for Sale: How to Choose the Right One for Recreational Needs

So, your kid or teenager wants to ride Mini ATVs or dirt bikes for recreational fun.

It could be a moment of pride or panic or a mix of both for parents like you. Probably, your first consideration will be “How to choose the right kids dirt bike from so many available on the market?” We must say, it is a vital question to think over and find the best possible guidance from expert resources online to help you with the choice. But before that, you will have to answer a couple of other questions.

Mini Atv For Sale

Below are some extra thoughts for your consideration:

  • Is it for fun ride or competitions?
  • What age is suitable for your kids to learn riding kids dirt bikes or mini ATVs for sale?
  • Which models are perfect to start riding?
  • Is your kid capable to understand safety concerns?
  • Should you take a look at reviews before ordering a kids dirt bike or mini size ATVs online?
  • Do you want your kids to start learning to ride at an early age or wait until he gets older?
  • What engine size of a dirt bike or ATV is an ideal choice for starters?
  • Should you stress on safety and ease if your kid is participating in competitions?

Mini Atv For Sale

The answers to all the above questions depend on your own preference – there is neither any wrong nor right answer. Each kid is different and you know your kid the best as a parent. Was it your frequent recreational ride that inspired the racing gene of your kid, the adventurous flips of a buddy downs the street or is it the desire of involving in a popular sport activity? Does your kid passionately stick to things or does she or he have nature of trying hobbies once and move on to others? Is he or she fearless? Your small kid may be ready to ride kid’s dirt bike or ATV but a kid in your neighborhood of the similar age may be not and vice versa. Some kids have usual riding talents while others need elaborate instruction.

Mini Atv For Sale

Getting answers to all these questions will surely guide you in knowing how deep is the desire of your kid to get into this pastime, money-wise and time wise and how seriously you want your child to proceed with. Choosing the right kids dirt bike or ATV goes beyond just picking up the right model. There are many other factors like the location for riding as well as your capacity to invest in ATV or dirt bike riding gear all go in to getting the most perfect bike for your kids riding.

Mini Atv For Sale

How to Choose the Right Kids Dirt Bike or Mini ATV for Sale

What you should avoid is going big! Kids at this tender age want to act like their favorite heroes whether it is on the motocross track, farming, hunting or the street. Buying too small or too large dirt bikes or ATVs for kids riding is a grave mistake. Go for a versatile and small sized bike.

Mini Atv For Sale

Look for options in Taotao kids dirt bikes. All new range of recreational sports bikes, including kids’ dirt bikes and ATVs from this Chinese brand, can be inexpensive. Try checking out local sports supplies stores or resources online that are ready to drop ship the products at your location without hefty charges. The collection of Taotao moped scooters, dirt bikes or mini ATVs for sale is cheaper yet powerful performing if your kid is a true starter. You should rather find a worthy choice in it for the ultimate riding experience of your kid. Moreover, after their first crash, your smaller kids may abandon the idea of pursuing the hobby, causing you loss of your heavy investment. However, you don’t have that risk with Taotao products as they come for a reasonable price, giving great value at the end. 

Mini Atv For Sale

Choose a dirt bike or ATV that fits well. Kids need easy control and navigation. It is recommended to choose a model on which kids can sit comfortably and securely. Keep away from choosing a 110 cc or a larger engine bike as the 70cc and 80cc range ATVs or dirt bikes on sale will be more appropriate.

Mini Atv For Sale

Tao ATV brings you the best collection of Chinese sports vehicles including Taotao moped scooters, kids dirt bikes and mini ATVs for sale at the most economic rates. Every one of you will now have a chance to have fun recreation outdoors without worrying to spend much. For quality choices in Taotao ATVs, dirt bikes or moped scooters at an affordable price, take to the store of Tao ATV available online. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks!

How to Find the Right Motor Scooter for Sale?

If you always need a cost-effective ride on the road, to your workplace or grocery store the next task will be to pick up the right scooter for sale. Choosing from motor scooters for sale is as difficult as selecting the right pair of footwear. You never want something that is too big or too small. If you are a first-timer, there other many more factors other than price to consider.  Some of them are mentioned in detail for your help.

Motor Scooters For Sale

  • Suspensions will add to riding comfort, weight and maintenance
  • Bigger battery capacity in Ah means more speed and torque power
  • Lighter and smaller motor scooters for sale do not necessarily mean more secure and comfortable
  • More comfort and stability also means bigger size and weight
  • Pneumatic tires may be more lighter and comfortable than solid wheels but they are more prone to puncture
  • Keep your selection simple; focus more on the technical the features that should be user friendly. More complicated features mean more technical issues
  • Most notably, check for the reviews on different motor scooters for sale before spending your money on one!

Scooter For Sale

When you are looking to purchase a scooter, there are so many factors to count upon. If you need cheap motor scooters for sale with readily available spare parts, then it’s best to visit the store of a Chinese Powersports dealer who is authorized and insured as well. It can ensure you top-class models, superior customer service, fastest and safest delivery service minus shipping charges at times. Your budget should take top priority along with the following factors:

Motor Scooters For Sale

The Range (Short, Medium or Long) – how long or short do you want to ride the scooter per liter of fuel. Do you like to use it for short distance rides or long distance travel? The key factor will be battery capacity (Ah). Based on your weight, a 10 Ah battery is perfect for short range (20-30 km), one under 20 Ah is suitable for medium range (30-40 km) and anything more than 20 Ah is appropriate for long range (over 40 km) rides. The larger the battery, the heavier the scooter and the higher would be its price.

The Type (Automatic or Manual) – If you don’t like the idea of kick start scooters for sale, you have good options in inexpensive Chinese motor scooters.   As usual, manual-shift scooters need periodic maintenance, including gear and cable shift adjustments, and manual dexterousness. Many of you prefer the simple ride on an automatic scooter. By simply twisting the throttle you may start to go.

Scooter For Sale

The Engine Size – The most familiar way to pick up motor scooter on sale is by its engine size which is measured in cc or cubic centimeters. It is worthy to remember that the smaller cc scooters are less performing than the larger cc ones. For buyer’s convenience, many stores group scooters into 49cc, 80-150cc, and more.

The Power – You need to find out how much power in Watt the motor scooters for sale can produce when provided with the best power supply. This power is produced mainly to support your physical weight while climbing slopes and increasing speed.

Scooter For Sale

You can even simplify the process of choosing the right motor scooter for sale with the following steps: 1) decide on the engine size to provide the gas mileage and speed you want; and 2) match your driving behavior and style 

Scooter For Sale


If you are ready to follow the above criteria, browse on the cheaper collection of powersports, including TaoTao mini atvs, TaoTao, TaoTao 4 wheelers and TaoTao TaoTao motor scooters for sale on Tao ATV. They are simply the best in quality, price and performance. To passionately ride, experience ease as well as convenience and enjoy the best value from TaoTao motor scooters for sale, order them now with Tao ATV!

How to Maximize the Performance of Your ATV? 6 Maintenance Tips

Farm work, racing or just driving around backcountry tracks, ATV riding is just fun and an excellent way to spend your afternoon. Owning an ATV is quite like owning a car, failing to maintain the smallest of parts can slow you down and have an impact on the overall performance of your vehicle. In this post, you are going to find some great tips that hopefully will help you maximize the performance of your ATV.

Tires: Riding on old tires is an obvious risk that you always want to check out. Many tires & tread types specifically made for use on the riding trails, Motocross track and to deal with the rigors of work. Do check your user manual to find out how to choose ATV tires to get started.

Cheap Atvs

Brakes: You would not think that brakes are the vital component to the overall performance of your riding experience but a set of poor brakes on the ATV can negatively impact on your ability to stop & slow down when needed. Brakes that hold up can hinder your momentum during a race whereas soggy brakes can send the rider off-roading. So, don’t neglect your ATV’s braking system! Get it fixed immediately!

Fluids: Oil and coolants are the two things come to mind when we talk about fluids, but don’t forget to check your braking system and fill in fresh fluids as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. During the winter don’t forget to opt for a combo coolant/antifreeze to safeguard your vehicle from temperature extremes.

Cheap Atvs

Exhaust: Bad exhaust is equal to bad ride. If you are having issues with the power band you probably require a brand new exhaust. In many respects, the intake system and exhaust unit go together. Upgrading both offers you the most visible performance enhancement. At the same time, neglecting both is the fastest way to hinder the overall performance of your ATV.

Suspension lubrication: The suspension unit of an ATV includes a-arms & swing arms stacked with bushings & bearings that require proper lubrication. Greasing the whole suspension unit is an excellent idea & replacing worn a-arms & swing arms should take place from time to time. Also, check out seals & bearings and replace them if required.

Cheap Atvs

Drive chain: The drive chain of your ATV requires tuning more than you actually think. A slipshod chain will wear out everything around it & if it gets too loose or wobbly the chain can cause a massive hole in your engine case. It is simple – perfectly adjusted chain equals maximum performance.

Adjust your riding position: It is unlikely you will sit on your ATV and feel comfortable with the default positioning of the handlebars & controls. So, adjust the handlebars, clutch, and levers to your liking and enjoy a more comfortable riding.

Looking for cheap ATVs for sale? Look no further than Tao ATV – a fully authorized and insured power sports dealer in the United States of America. Take advantage of our quick online shopping option to buy your next Chinese ATVs. Enjoy free shipping on order above $100.